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Rely on State Farm®
Homeowners Insurance

More homeowners choose State Farm as their home insurance company over any other insurer.1 Make the move to help protect your home and family. Plus, save money when you have both a home and car insurance policy with State Farm.*

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What does homeowners insurance cover2

In addition to your home, ensure you can repair or replace the items you value that aren’t permanently attached to your home or your property. Personal property is covered even if you’re on vacation, running errands or holding items in storage.

We protect these types of items


Jewelry, collectibles, pictures


Cameras, musical instruments, sports equipment

Home & garden

Appliances, furniture, clothing, electronics, lawn decorations, swing sets, tools

We cover you from these type of threats


Lightning, wind or hail, freezing of a plumbing system, weight of ice, snow or sleet

Random acts

Damages resulting from fire, theft or vandalism

Other causes

Abrupt and accidental discharge of water from plumbing system, tearing/bulging of heating or cooling systems, artificially generated electrical current

What’s not covered2

Natural & other causes

Damage from flood, underground water, earthquakes, mudslides, settling, deterioration, contamination, nuclear hazard, birds, rodents, insects or domestic animals


Business pursuits or professional services. Learn more about business owners policies


Ownership, operation, or maintenance of aircraft, motor vehicles and some watercraft

Talk to a local State Farm agent


Property values

How much coverage do you need?

From market value to replacement cost, learn what to consider when determining the coverage amount for your home.

How to determine your home insurance coverage

Homeowners insurance discounts

Combining the purchase of your home and auto policies isn’t the only way you can save money. From home protection to roofing, we’ve got options to make insurance more affordable.

Explore home insurance discounts

Covering medical and liability

Rest easy, the policy provides protection for covered liability claims or lawsuits.

Look into a liability policy

Policy coverage limits

Homeowner policies have maximum limits the company will pay for loss to specified types of property (these limits can vary among companies). What’s on a typical “special limits” list?

  • Money, bank notes, coins
  • Business property
  • Watercraft including trailers, furnishings, and equipment
  • Trailers (other than boat trailers)
  • Firearms (applies to theft only)
  • Silverware and goldware (applies to theft only)
  • Rugs, tapestries (theft only)

If you need higher limits for certain types of property, your State Farm agent can help.

1 Data provided by S&P Global Market Intelligence and State Farm Archive.

2 Please refer to your actual policy for a complete list of covered property and covered losses. Homeowners insurance provides coverage for damage to your house and other structures on the property where your house is located. It is important to understand, however, that not every possible cause of damage is covered. There are important limitations on coverage in homeowners insurance policies, depending on the cause of damage or the location of your home, and some types of damage aren’t covered at all. Coverage for damage from earthquakes, for example, may be available by adding it to a homeowners policy for additional premium, or by purchasing a separate policy. Coverage for damage from floods is not provided and is usually available only by purchasing a separate flood insurance policy, often through the National Flood Insurance Program.


* Discount, policies, and programs and their availability vary by state and eligibility requirements.

This information contains only a general description of coverages and is not a contract. Details of coverage or limits vary in some states. All coverages are subject to the terms, provisions, exclusions, and conditions in the policy itself and in any endorsements.

Discount offers on home security products are not available in all states and may require an eligible State Farm Auto or Fire policy. Discount offers not available in Alaska, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, or South Dakota. State Farm customers in Indiana, and North Carolina must have a State Farm Auto policy to be eligible for the discount offer. Discount offers only available in the US. Products and services are offered by third parties and State Farm does not warrant the merchantability, fitness, or quality of the products and services of the third parties.

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